Edirne Huseyin Husnu Tekisik Guidance and Research Center, which was first established in 1987, is a government institution under the Ministry of National Education in Edirne, Turkey- once the second capital to Turkish Ottoman Empire, boundary to Greece and Bulgaria in the north-west of Turkey. Edirne is a city of history, peace and tolerance.

Our organization has the historical developments and accumulation in the area of Psychological Counseling and Guidance Services and Special Education Services.

Our institution is composed of two main departments as Special Education Department and Psychological Counseling Department. In the scope of these two departments;

• Special Needs Teachers and Psychological Counselors identify the abilities and the needs of the people of all ages from 0 to 99 and make individualized educational programmes for those examined in our institution to support their educational, psychological and social needs. 

• We are also responsible for development of School Counselors and Special Needs Teachers and families in our district.

• Our target population is people of all ages with special needs, students who need psychological support, parents and teachers in our district.

• We organize seminars and group work, provide psychological support for students and families.

• We make different ability and intelligence tests to identify people with special needs and place them to the appropriate schools according to their educational needs.

The staff consists of 11 people, 2 of whom are administrative staff.  7 of them are Pschological Counselors, 2 of them are special education teachers.

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