ARDA Education & Consultancy (AEC) is an institute of academy for Education & Training and has been successfully initiating and developing projects within the Erasmus+ programs since 2010. With its highly qualified team, ARDA lives its mission, operates with integrity and offer programs and activities that help individuals prepare for higher education. The organization has been accredited by the German National Agency since 2014, which indicates clearly continuous quality assurance and improvement of education at our institution. Through the accreditation process, we are entitled to be a direct working partner in the implementation of the KA1, KA2 and KA3 projects.

In order to achieve our mission, vision and goals, we have set high professional and ethical standards, whereby our core values consist of integrity, honesty, respect for people, tolerance, equality and transparency. One of the organizational objectives of ARDA is to establish itself as an immigrant-origin European institute to support the business and social life processes of people regardless of their ethnic origins.

We strongly believe that international education is a cornerstone in preparing students to be future workers and leaders in a global environment and that quality education and training programs are unlikely to be completed successfully without competent team members. ARDA’s staff consist of experienced and educated specialists who always carry out their social and conscientious responsibilities about their works and fulfil their duties willingly and effectively towards our common goals and values. They bring more than 15 years of experience in the international education sector by having worked with international partner over the year.

At our Education and Consultancy we only deliver the very best,the highest standards and equality. In addition, the Arda adopts a mission to establish the process of harmonization of individuals within the labour market and to contribute to their participation in the social, cultural and economic life. Furthermore, ARDA consults its working partners about their economic, political and scientific adaptation to successful business life and contributes, thus, to the satisfaction of their needs and demand for the labour market by sharing its experience in the field of vocational education, training co-ordination, planning and development with them.

One of the most important projects successfully completed between 2015 and 2016 is “Life Long Skill Education (HBBE)” with number 2014-1-TR01-KA102-000765, which was supported by Turkish National Agency belonging to the Ministry of European Union Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. This project was carried out in close collaboration between ARDA and the General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education of the Ministry of Natural Education, whereby ARDA acted as a direct application partner by providing high service quality ( bakanl%C4%B1%C4%9F%C4%B1-%C3%B6%C4%9Fretmen-hareketlili%C4%9).

It is important to note that this initiative was a teacher mobility project, which is characterized by the highest budget and the maximum number of participants (260) within the Erasmus+ programs for the last few years. Within the framework of this program, ARDA provided vocational and educational and training opportunities for 159 teachers originating from 22 different cities in Turkey, together with its strong German partners.

Other key project mentioned is “Work-based learning 2020” which was implemented by ARDA in close collaboration with the Ministry of National Education of Turkish Republic in the scope of “Life Long Skill Education” programs.

The work of this cooperative initiative was evaluated and selected as one of the “BEST PRACTICE” projects during the meeting “3rd European Monitoring Conference NetWBL”, to which the National Agency, ministers, schools and company representatives from among the European Union countries participated between28.-29.06.2016

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